Our Airplane

Flight Instruction Airplane Washington NC

The Flight School operates a 2004 ALARUS CH2000 that is a fully certified Trainer for VFR and IFR Flight Rules.  It is equipped with Garmin and King radios.

Our Services

We offer the following courses

  • Private Pilot
  • Instruments
  • CFI / II
  • Biannuals
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

Our Instructor

Charlie Levy CFII has been a pilot since 1983 and a Flight Instructor since 1999.  He has more than 5000 hours of flight time.  He has flown commercially as well as privately.  He has a unique way of teaching that will make you an extension of the airplane.  You will not only understand the mechanics of how to fly the airplane but also the aerodynamics of flight and how and why the airplane reacts to pilot input.  He places an emphasis on safety.  His students are fully versed in safety procedures and how to react to an emergency in the unlikely event that one should occur, to get you safely on the ground.

Our Location