Private Pilot Training and Approximate Costs

The Training Course divided into three stages:

  1. Stage One of the training will concentrate on the fundamentals of flying in this stage of the training your instructor will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to safely operate an airplane. And fly your "FIRST SOLO". This will be the first time you fly the airplane as pilot in command without the instructor.  The first solo is a major milestone in any pilot's flying career.
  2. The Second stage, you will begin cross-country training. This stage of the training will concentrate on navigating from one airport to another during daytime and night. Using GPS Radio and Maps.
  3. The final stage of training is mostly a review of all the skills learned. Complete all of the of required maneuvers and tasks.  Your instructor will help you perfect any weaknesses in both flying and book knowledge needed to successfully pass the FAA practical test.

Private Pilot Training and Approximate Costs:

FAA 40 Hours Minimum

40 hours Airplane Rental40 x $125 = $5,000
20 hours flight instruction20 x $50 = $1,000
Medical Exam$150
Books, testing, etc.$950
TOTAL$7,100 ***

National Average 60 hours

60 hours Airplane Rental60 x $125 = $7,500
30 hours flight instruction30 x $50 = $1,500
Medical Exam$150
Books, testing, etc.$950
TOTAL$10,100 ***

*** This Total Estimated Cost of Flight Training on the FAA minimum requirements vs The National Average. However, Training times may differ, depending on the individual own schedule, pace and many factors will affect the speed at which you progress through your training.  We will work with you through the training in the most economical way while ensuring that you learn all the skills you need to be a safe pilot.